Affordable solar energy for your home in Almeria.

The philosophy of the company is to bring solar energy to the homeowners. We are solar energy installer since 1979. 


Switching to solar energy with Almeria Solar is easy. The first step is to check that your home or business is suitable to install this type of energy. It will be if:


1. You are the owner of the house in which you intend to install solar power.

2. You pay more than 40€ per month for your electricity and you want to save it.

3. Your roof is not affected by shadows and it is facing south, east or west. 


The easiest way to know if your home or business is suitable for switching to solar energy is talking to one of our consultants. We'll tell you in less than 10 minutes if the change to solar makes sense for you and if you can earn the benefits you deserve.

No need to worry about whether your roof surface is enough or how the neighbor's tree shadows affect it .We handle it!

The process is simple. Call us and we will tell you how much it cost and how much you will save. Moreover, how to finance the change if you need a loan or credit. And, of course, we will be pleased to answer any questions you want to ask about solar energy.


Feel free to ask for a qoute and get rid of your electric bill!. It is the best time go to solar!


Almería Solar


Office in Almería (España):
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E-mail: clemente.serrano@almeriasolar.es